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At Luminous Healing, LLC, our commitment to providing cutting-edge holistic wellness solutions is underscored by the innovative technology we employ. Central to our approach is the Zyto EVOX biofeedback technology, a transformative tool that offers real-time insights and actionable feedback to guide clients on their journey towards emotional release, healing, and overall well-being.

Harnessing the Power of Zyto EVOX:

The Zyto EVOX technology forms the core of our offerings. This biofeedback system operates on the principle of voice mapping, which captures a 10-second splice of an individual’s voice. This recording is then displayed as a Perception Index on a computer screen, revealing the energy patterns inherent in the voice. These patterns encompass both present energy and information, as well as the potential blockages that may be impeding emotional growth.


Real-Time Feedback and Insights:

The Perception Index is divided into 12 zones, each signifying a different aspect of emotional well-being. Using galvanic skin response measurements, the Zyto EVOX system scans and analyzes the voice to determine the most beneficial output sequence step for evoking change. This output sequence is then transmitted, infused with new information, into the individual’s energetic field.

The Reframing Process:

As clients contemplate specific topics, events, or personal matters during an EVOX session, the technology repeatedly reads their voice and processes the information. The missing energy or information is identified and incorporated into the Perception Index. Over time, the voice pattern evolves, leading to recognized shifts in the Zyto EVOX system. A significant change in this pattern indicates the successful reframing of perceptions, demonstrating that individuals are on a path toward transformed emotional well-being.

Benefits of Zyto EVOX:

The benefits of Zyto EVOX technology are manifold. It provides real-time insights into the individual’s emotional state, pinpointing areas where damaging perceptions may be entrenched. This information is then used to guide coaching sessions, ensuring that interventions are precise and impactful. The streamlined process of voice mapping and feedback accelerates the pace of change, enabling clients to achieve profound improvements in a shorter timeframe, aligning seamlessly with their urgent needs.

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