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Your Dedicated Guide to Transformation

Join Christina on the path to personal growth, empowerment, and a brighter future. Together, we will illuminate your journey to a better you.

​With an unwavering passion for integrative well-being and overall health, Christina brings a unique blend of expertise and lifelong commitment to personal development to Luminous Healing.

Christina’s Journey:

Educational Background: Christina’s journey began with a strong foundation in social work and psychology, providing her with the knowledge and skills to understand the complexities of human behavior and emotions.

Extensive Professional Experience: With over 17 years of invaluable experience in her field, Christina has consistently delivered impactful solutions for many individuals seeking transformation, personal growth, and lasting change.

Luminous Healing

Living Embodiment of Principles: Christina is not just a practitioner; she is a living embodiment of the principles practiced at Luminous Healing. Her unwavering dedication to personal development is a testament to her commitment to becoming a better version of herself each day.

Genuine Connection: Central to Christina’s practice is her genuine, intuitive connection with others. This innate ability enables her to provide exceptional support and guidance to clients on their transformative journey.

Personal Understanding

Having personally navigated the transformative process, Christina understands firsthand the challenges and triumphs of integrative health, wellness, and personal development. Her unique combination of personal experience and formal education creates a distinctive foundation for guiding others toward lasting transformation.

The Power of Synthesis

Christina’s practice is characterized by the synthesis of intuitive wisdom, academic achievement, and real-world understanding. This empowers her to connect deeply with clients and facilitate meaningful change in their lives.

A True Partner in Your Journey

Christina brings forth a wealth of expertise, personal commitment, and a totality-focused approach. As the sole practitioner and driving force behind the practice, Christina embodies the transformative principles she espouses, making her not just a practitioner but also a true partner in the journey towards lasting transformation.

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